Sealy Embody ProFormance Memory Foam Pillow

by admin on May 13, 2011

Sealy Embody ProFormance Memory Foam Pillow Review

The Sealy Embody ProFormance memory foam pillow is one of three pillows featured in the Sealy Embody line. The line includes one pillow made entirely from latex foam, one made of latex and memory foam, and then this model which is made of a solid memory foam core.

All three pillows in this line come with a zippered cover that can be put through the washing machine and dryer. You cannot wash the pillows themselves, so you have to use the covers in order to keep the pillow clean and smelling nice.

These covers are also anti-microbial and designed with moisture wicking fabric. They are intended to work with the pillow to reduce the amount of heat produced during sleep. This is important for a memory foam pillow, since foam is known to trap in heat when it is compressed under the body. This is a well designed pillow with improved air circulation for improved breathability.

What's Inside the Embody ProFormance Pillow?

Sealy Embody ProFormance The Embody ProFormance pillow from Sealy is made entirely of memory foam. This foam is valued in the bedding industry because it forms around the shape of your body and offers superior support and comfort. When used in a pillow it supports the neck and head to comfortably relieve pressure points and aches and pains in the morning.

The foam used inside this pillow is designed to include ventilation holes. This is how the pillow prevents the capture of heat so you don't have to worry about breaking out in sweats in the middle of the night. This foam design works with the moisture wicking cover which is also designed for adequate ventilation.

Remember, this pillow material cannot go through the washer and dryer or it will sacrifice the integrity of the foam. The cover should be washed as needed and the pillow should always be used with the cover. If needed, spot cleaning can be used on the pillow without affecting the foam.

Would Others Recommend the Embody ProFormance Pillow?

Most consumers who purchase this pillow will recommend it to others without hesitation. Many actually write reviews proclaiming that this is the perfect pillow and that they have not found any others like it on the market. This is a great endorsement for the pillow as long as you like the feel of memory foam.

The one complaint that is often heard is that the pillow starts out smelling a bit odd. The foam can have a rather strong smell but with time it wears away and takes on the scent of everything else in your bedroom. This is just something to keep in mind so you don't get worried if you smell the foam when your pillow arrives home. This is an issue with memory foam in general, not just the Sealy Embody ProFormance pillow.

Consumers find this to be an extremely comforting pillow with a lot of head support. It is also a great gift idea, especially for housewarming parties or those just moving out on their own from home.

Before You Rest Your Head...

This Sealy pillow is recommended for all sleepers regardless of preferred position. Memory foam can be a bit warm, but most consumers report that this one does not cause night sweats. It just may be a bit warmer feeling than many other pillows. This is especially true if you are used to sleeping on light feather pillows.

Sealy Embody ProFormance Memory Foam Pillows

Sealy Memory Foam Pillow Review: If you're looking to buy a Sealy Embody ProFormance Memory Foam Pillow, read our in-depth review first. Some say it's one of the most comfortable pillows sold today. Is it right for you?
thesis_description: If you're looking to buy a Sealy Embody ProFormance Memory Foam Pillow, read our in-depth review first. Some say it is one of the most comfortable pillows sold today. Is it right for you?
thesis_title: Reviewed: The Sealy Embody ProFormance Memory Foam Pillow

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